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13 September 2011 @ 04:09 pm
That's how life goes (damn creative title right?)  
Title: That's how life goes (damn creative title right?)
Pairing: Maru and Ueda
Rating: ? PG 15
Genre: romance
Disclaim: Characters are not mine, but I would like to have one
Note: Don't expect that much it's my first fic:-) and english is not my native language
Summary: Nakamaru + Ueda = ?Love?

"Big party tonight", Nakamaru mumbled when they arrived at the birthday-party of Ueda. "C'mon let's get out of the car ladies!", Koki said smiling to Nakamaru and Junno."Damn, Koki, would you just shut it?!" Junno punched Koki's shoulder. In his free time he loved to take revenge for every time Koki had hitted him in Cartoon KAT-TUN.
"But you're right let's get the party started!" He jumped out of the car and Maru could see the impatience in his smile. He wasn't feeling well about going to Ueda's party.
Since their last tour Maru wasn't able to control his feelings. Maru looked to Koki who was getting out of the car at the moment.
"No", he said to himself," don't even think about any emotion that bigger is than friendship with Ueda. That is the whole truth!" But deep inside he knew he was only lying to himself. "Nakamaru get up or I'll lock you up in this car!", Koki snapped impatiently.

"Luck, health and beauty", Junno wished Ueda while he hugged him. "Beauty?", Ueda asked indignant with a smile on his face. "Did you already drink something?"
"We all know that you are the Princess, Ueda. Majesty would you give me the honor to hug you and wish you every good thing on god's green earth for your life?", Koki asked with a small bow and a mischievous grin. They hugged each other and then it was Nakamaru's turn. "Happy birthday", he said quietly, looking to the ground. “Why are you so shy?", Ueda asked.
Then he pushed Maru's chin so he had to look into his eyes. "Like chocolate in the winter...", Nakamaru thought."Happy birthday", he repeated. "Thank you", Ueda said with a smile on his face. Then he hugged him and Nakamaru felt like he was going to die right now. "Now c'mon ladies! I want to dance!", Koki shouted while he was pushing the Princess, Maru and Junno to the dance floor.

"Really, I have to make a break", Maru said out of breath to the girl he was dancing with. "But don't you forget to phone me.", the girl said smiling seductively at him. "Of course not.", Nakamaru answered. When he went to the toilet, about 30 Minutes and one Sake later, he already forgot her face and her name. He could only think of her eyes which looked like melting chocolat...

"What happened to you?", Maru asked his mirror image. "You can't even remember a face of a girl you met only one hour before!" He threw himself water in his face. "Why is life so damn complicated?" He leaned himself on the washbowl. Tears ran over his face...until: "Nakamaru?", asked a well-known voice behind him.
Maru turned immediately around. "Honey, why are you crying?", Ueda asked. Maru couldn't answer, he was too shocked. "Oh, let me hug you, dear!" And one second later Nakamaru was in the arms of Ueda, crying on his shoulder. In a strange way Maru felt released. It felt good to have someone to rely on. After a time there were no tears left he could cry.
"Ueda, can I ask you something?" "Of course everything you want to ask, honey.", Ueda answered. "You are gay right? How does it feel?" Ueda stopped to hug him and looked curious into Nakamaru's eyes. "Difficult question. I was always gay, to me it feels normal. I guess it feels like falling in love with a girl. Why do you ask? I'm really curious." "That's not of your business."
Nakamaru looked away. He wanted to move but some how his legs didn't obey. "Honey, you can tell me everything. I want you to know this.", Ueda said while he was looking into Maru's eyes. There was a strange emotion in Ueda's eyes, Nakamaru couldn't say whether it was pure luck or just solicitousness.

They stood there for a long time without moving or talking to each other. Then Ueda took Maru's head and kissed him. Nakamaru twiched back in a moment of surprise. Then as if Ueda was water and Nakamaru nearly died of thirst he turned Ueda around and pressed him against the wall. Maru closed his eyes and then his lips found Ueda's. Ueda sighed.
Their lips started to move in some kind of rhythm. At first it felt a bit strange to Maru, but then he felt only pure luck and the desire to get to Ueda as close as possible. Ueda's lips were soft and they tasted like - Maru couldn't discribe it but it was so delicious that his mouth opened and he pushed his tongue forcible into Ueda's mouth.
Ueda grabbed Maru's hips and pulled him closer. Then he caressed with his lips gently over Maru's cheekbones and then down to his throat. Nakamaru moaned. Ueda's hands started to go down his back until they reached his ass. Nakamaru gasped and said: "Slowly, slowly..." Ueda gave him a big smile. Then kissed Maru again but only short and softly. "Maybe we should get back to the party, honey",he said, "the others will wonder where we stay." "Do we really have to care?" Nakamaru didn't want him to go. "I think you'll agree with me that I have to take care of my guests" He turned around to leave the bathroom. And then he was gone, as aprupt as he came. Nakamaru couldn't understand.

Maru left the party to breathe some fresh air and to get his head clear. He had to think. Usually he liked to think at home in the evenings in his bed. Unfortunately he was bound to Koki who was the one with the car. He knew it was a mistake. But now it was too late to regret.
Of course Nakamaru was very confused about the kiss. Whenever he dreamed about it, not willingly but the thought was always somewhere in his mind, he thought it would be the start of a relationship. This kiss today was no start but it was also no end. The insecurity of what happened confused him.
But then there was the thought that a relationship inside of KAT-TUN would be impossible. It would destroy everthing they worked for if they would break up. They were only very good friends, although there had been some fights, but friends still. But a relationship? After a breakup KAT-TUN wouldn't work.
Or at least Maru wouldn't be able to work with Ueda.

"Nakamaru, we want to go home", Koki shouted through the loud wind. When Junno was at home the friends were alone in the car. "Koki, what would you do when you kissed someone and you don't know whether this person likes you?" "Did I miss something? The girl you danced with didn't kiss you." Nakamaru didn't answer he stared out of the window. He didn't wanted Koki to know the truth but he wasn't sure why.
After a while Koki said: "I would ask her for a date. If she really matters to you." "Thanks." When they arrived at Nakamaru's flat and Maru wanted to get out of the car, Koki stopped him. "Maru?",he asked and looked Nakamaru deeply into the eyes. "Somehow you seem different since our last tour. And you had no relationship for quite a while. You often seem so sad. What's the matter?" "Are you my mother?" ,Maru asked angryly and for a second there was a sign of pain on Koki's face.
"And beside your last girlfriend left you three years ago and since then you weren't able to get a new one!" Maru opened the car door. "Trust me, I don't like to be alone...", Koki whispered as if it was a secret thought. Nakamaru closed the door.

One week later Nakamaru wasn't able to resist any more. So he asked Ueda for a date, ignoring every problem a relationship would bring. One day after a fotoshoot when he was alone with Ueda, who was acting always a bit insecury when they were alone, Maru took al his courage and asked him. At first Ueda was quite surprised and mumbled something like "I had to know..." But in the end he agreed.
Unforunately Ueda convinced Maru to go to a theme park and now he found himself next to screaming in a rollercoaster. Typical scene: the coward of KAT-TUN having a date with the sadistic princess. Every second he asked himself why the hell he said yes. And every time his head answered with the feeling of Ueda's smooth, soft hand he was holding.
After the rollercoaster they wanted to buy some ice-cream when a well-known voice shouted: "Ueda, Nakamaru! What the hell are you two doing here?" Maru and Ueda turned immediately around and saw Koki and Kame waving at them. “Oh, damn...”, Maru mumbled. ”Ueda, could you do me a favour?” “Of course, honey.” “I don’t want them to know, okay. I can’t tell you why but please don’t tell them about the date.” “Sure, sweety. I can understand you totally. I won’t say a word.” Ueda gave Nakamaru a big smile. That was the great thing about Ueda, he totally seemed to understand Maru in every situation.”Thanks.”, Maru said. Koki and Kame got closer and Koki said: “I’ve never imagined meeting you guys here. “ “Neither did we”, Ueda answered. At first Nakamaru was really annoyed but after a while it was really funny with Kame and Koki. Maru found the chance to apologize to Koki for his rude behaviour.
But Koki forgave Nakamaru and he was glad to have a friend like Koki. Nonetheless Koki acted the whole day very strange and was a bit unfriendly to Ueda. Fortunately he and Kame had to leave earlier than Nakamaru and Ueda. So Nakamaru got the chance to drive Ueda home.

"The date was great, thank you for this unbelievable evening!", Ueda said. "Can I bring you home?", Maru asked. "Of course that would be nice." In Nakamaru’s eyes the date wasn’t a real date because they spended the whole day with Koki and Kame. But Ueda seemed to be happy and that meant evreything to Nakamaru. When they arrived at Ueda's flat there was already a big tension between them. "Well...", Maru said when they stood in front of the door. "Do you want to come up with me?", Ueda asked very directly. "I'm not sure..." "If you don't want to you can always say no later.", Ueda said and then he kissed Nakamaru long and sweet.
Then he grabbed Maru's shirt and pulled him into the flat. His flat was very clean and had very big windows. "Just feel at home", Ueda said with a smile. Slowly Maru walked into the flat. It was really modern. He didn't know what to do so he walked to the big windows and looked at the sunset. Then Ueda hugged him from behind and Maru shivered a bit.
"The sunsets are beautiful in here and every sunset is unique you know. I once tried to draw some of them but believe me, they all ended up in the rubbish." "Mhh", Maru said. He wasn't able to think straight. "I don't want to talk about sunsets." Ueda smiled. "That makes two of us then." He turned Maru around and kissed him. Maru's breath started to get faster. His hands started to move as if they wanted to feel every inch of Ueda's body.
Then Maru grabbed Ueda's hair and Ueda's hands started to open Nakamaru's shirt. Ueda's tongue licked across Nakamaru's chest. His breath was so hot, Nakamaru felt it very intensive on his skin. Maru opened Ueda's shirt and pressed his chest against Ueda's. They kissed and touched each other for a long time. The sun was already gone when Ueda said: "Do we want to go into my bedroom?" Maru hesistated for a moment. Usually he wasn’t this typ, who slept with someone right after the first date. It seemed to be a bit fast. But that was only his first thought. He only had to look into Ueda’s eyes and feel Ueda’s hands on his bare chest to loose this first thought. But something else bothered him. "Believe me, I really want to feel you as close as possible but..." "But what?", Ueda asked. "Will it hurt?" Nakamaru looked to the ground.
"Yes at first it will hurt a bit but one moment later it is going to be the greatest feeling on earth.",Ueda answered seriously. "Honey, believe me I had exactly the same problems. This fear is nothing you have to be ashamed of." Then he kissed Maru very soft. "Let's go...", Nakamaru said. And the two disappeared in the darkness of Ueda's bedroom.

Thx for reding the story, I'm really uncreative with such comments.

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pikame_lovepikame_love on September 13th, 2011 02:29 pm (UTC)
halloooo :)
endlich biste fertig damit. hab so lange gewartet D:

please continue and write a second chapter ^^

thanks for sharing <3
gizmoygizmoy on September 13th, 2011 03:19 pm (UTC)
thx ganz ehrlich sooo lange hab ich auch nicht gebraucht ;)
*huggles* ach das musste sein:)
snow_meowsnow_meow on September 13th, 2011 04:40 pm (UTC)
Hmm... it needs an ending.
Too many loose ends like why Koki was upset with Ueda?
Why Koki is so worried about Maru's love life?

gizmoygizmoy on September 13th, 2011 06:06 pm (UTC)
Yeah...I know
I wasn't sure about writing a second chapter (I've got lots to do but I started :)
Hope you liked it anyway...
nikkimatteinikkimattei on November 21st, 2011 01:43 am (UTC)
Interesting!!! Will be reading more hopefully...btw I am partial to a TaNaka pairing :)