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18 September 2011 @ 07:47 pm
That's how life goes Chapter 2  

Title: That's how life goes Chapter 2
Pairing: MaruDa, KameDa
Rating: PG 13
Genre: romance
Disclaim: Characters are not mine, but I would like to have one. I own the story.
Note: Don't expect that much it's my second fic:-) and english is not my native language
Summary: Ueda is in a relationship with Nakamaru but falls in love with Kamenashi. The trouble is about to start.

Ueda woke up. The place next to him was empty but still warm. He opened his eyes and looked through his bedroom. It was very dark, only the moonlight showed him the pale body of Nakamaru, who was standing in front of the window and looked at the moon.
Ueda loved Nakamaru’s back and his ass and in the moonlight he looked like a wonderful sculpture. But even more than his back Ueda loved Nakamaru’s mouth.

The two were a couple for one month now and nearly everyone knew it. At first Nakamaru didn’t want anyone to know but after a time they weren’t able to hide it. Ueda loved the moments when his honey held him tight. They really seemed to be a perfect couple and in Nakamaru’s eyes they were. But Ueda wasn’t sure. He knew Maru was in love with him and that didn’t make things easier for him. Nakamaru sighed quietly. Of course Ueda felt attracted by Maru and they haven’t had so many fights up til now. But love...

“Hey, honey, why are you awake?”, Ueda asked. Maru cringed. “Sorry, I didn’t want to scare you.”
Maru smiled and cuddled himself into the blanket again. “Why are you awake?” Ueda repeated quietly and layed one arm around Maru. “I couldn’t sleep.” “Could you be a bit more specific?” Ueda rolled with his eyes but of course Nakamaru couldn’t see it.
“I don’t want you to go.” Maru said and entwined his hand with Ueda’s. “Baka! It’s only a week.” “A very, very long week...”

“You are going to survive it.” Ueda smiled. He kissed Maru softly and whispered: “Two months ago you lived without me and you could manage your life. What’s the problem now?”
“Two month ago I haven’t had the pleasure of being close to you. I didn’t know what I would miss.” He caressed Ueda’s arm-muscles. “Mhh” Ueda leaned forward to kiss Maru. “Take care of yourself, Ueda, okay?” “What do you think I am? A child?”
But Nakamaru didn’t answer instead of that he kissed Ueda very intensiv and inviting. And suddenly Ueda didn’t care anymore; he had to pay elsewhere attention.

The next morning Ueda flew together with Kamenashi and Taguchi to Osaka. They had to do a photoshoot there and some other things for JE. The first days in Osaka were quite boring.

The third day they had free time and the three friends visited some clubs and had a lot of fun. When they arrived at one club named “Akuma” Kame said: “Okay, guys, but this is the last club I really have to sleep.” Taguchi and Ueda smiled at each other. He already said that at the last two clubs. They were about 2 hours in the club.

Ueda danced alone because he made bad experiences with asking any boys. They normally had a girlfriend with them and then things could end quite embarrassing.
Ueda loved to dance. When he danced he had moments of tranquility where he could stop thinking. It made him feel free and gave him a feeling he got when he trained his body with boxing.

“Want to dance with me?” Kame asked suddenly and typed on Ueda’s shoulder. Ueda cringed, he didn’t see him coming. “What?” he asked. “You seem so lonely. I want to dance with you.” Kame said and smiled at Ueda. “But people will think you are gay!” Ueda responded. “It doesn’t really matter to me to be honest. We are here to have fun and not to keep our image clean. Don’t you want to dance with me?”

“No that’s okay, sure.” Ueda said. He was quite impressed of Kame. Ueda always thought that his job was his life; their relationship wasn’t very close. Suddenly Ueda had the desire to know as much as possible about Kamenashi.

They had a lot of fun. Kame was a really good dancer and seemed to have the same feeling of being free when he danced. He always danced with a smile on his face and sparkles in his eyes. After a while Ueda said: “Sorry, but I have to make a break. You’re a really good dancer.” “Thank you. You too. But maybe we should really return to the hotel.”
”Right. Where is Taguchi by the way?” Ueda asked. “Ah Taguchi, I nearly forgot about him. The last time I saw him he danced very close with a girl next to the pillar over there. Let’s search for him but I think it’s better if we stay together, okay?” “Sure.”

And with this words Kame took Ueda’s hand and leaded him through the club. About 15 minutes later they found him talking to a girl, making jokes and being silly. He got the girl’s phone number and then the three guys left the “Akuma”.

This evening Ueda totally forgot about Nakamaru. Normally they wrote each other a “good night” SMS but tonight Ueda forgot to answer. He only thought about Kazuya Kamenashi and his dancing abilities.

The next morning Ueda’s head was clear again. “What the hell was going on with you” he told himself angrily. He just wanted to get up when someone knocked at the door. Ueda put on some pants and opened the door.

“Hey, here’s some breakfast” Taguchi entered the room together with Kamenashi. “Good morning” he said. Ueda couldn’t close his mouth. “Tatsuya aren’t you hungry?” Taguchi closed the door and shoved Ueda into the kitchen.

They ate together the pancakes Kame made and the whole time Ueda couldn’t get his eyes of his hands. He remembered the smooth, soft skin form yestreday when Kame took his hand. Somehow he missed the touch of it. “Damn, Tatsuya, pull yourself together!” But he couldn’t prevent himself to blush when he imagined what such hands were able to do.

“Tatsuya you are red as a tomato, what are you thinking about?” Taguchi said, this annoying person. “Taguchi, don’t you think I have got a private life too?” “Not in front of me.” “Please, Junno, just shut it okay? We don’t want to know what you are about to do to this girl you met yesterday.” Kame said and layed one of his adorable hands on Ueda’s bare back. Ueda shivered a bit under the touch and he got goose bumps on his skin. “By the way I have to phone her!” Taguchi said and ran out of the room.

“He is so chaotic.” Kame said smiling silently at the door where Taguchi just disappeared. He walked around the table to sit down again. “And how are you doing by the way?” Kame asked. “Fine of course.”
“I was always jealous about these arm muscles, you know.” Kame said and pointed on Ueda’s huge muscles.

“But still you seem all the time very elegant and majestic, hime.” A shy smile appeared on Kame’s face. “Thank you.” Ueda blushed again. Then the two got silent and looked into the others eyes. “Can you give me the maple juice, Kazuya?” Ueda asked to break the silence and looked away.

He shouldn’t be that attracted to this guy. He had to take care about his Maru. Ueda knew that it would hurt Nakamaru a lot if he even knew what Ueda was thinking about now. Every second of his life Nakamaru showed Ueda how much he loved him, his kisses were always sweet and he was never selfish. It felt really good to have someone who loved you that much but sometimes Ueda was supressed by Maru’s love.

He would never be able to give something back because he was just not so much in love like Maru. Ueda looked at Kamenashi who was just cleaning up the living room. Kame was different.

Nakamaru and Ueda were nearly equal to each other they liked the same things and they had really fun. But Kame was really different. He didn’t always say yes and amen to everything Ueda said and showed his own opinion very clearly. Once, between a photoshoot, 2 or three days ago, they had a really heated discussion and they both sticked to their opinion.
The relationship with Nakamaru was fine but rather boring...

“I’ll take a shower!” Ueda said suddenly and stood up. He shouldn’t think like this. He shouldn’t call his relationship to Nakamaru into question. He should be thankful to get such a lovely boy; he should show him how much he loved him.

His former relationship was full of anger and jealousy and caused him a lot pain. The guy before Nakamaru was a dumb asshole. And now Ueda was about to kill the best relationship he ever had in his life. “You’re such an idiot” Ueda said quietly to himself. The warm water calmed him down but it couldn’t make things better. Nakamaru wouldn’t be able to live any more without Ueda. There he was sure.

One day later Ueda wasn’t any further with his thoughts about love and life. His relationship to Kamenashi didn’t change very much only their friendship kept growing.
They were invited for a party at Ryo’s apartment. It was the fifth day of their journey.

It was about 10 o’clock when Ueda got the chance to dance with Kame again. Kame seemed to be a bit drunk already he laughed a lot even while he was dancing.
They danced for quite a while when Kame said: “I just dare to do this because I’m drunk already.” And then he kissed Ueda right on his lips and pushed his tongue immediately into Ueda’s mouth. Ueda’s breath got faster as he tasted Kame.

When Kame started to bite into Ueda’s lower lip he couldn’t hold it any more and kissed Kame back with such thirst and lust that he could hear a gasp from Kame.
The heat overwhelmed Ueda and he could only stand because of Kazuya’s strong arms. Kame reached with his lips Ueda’s neck, bited it gently and moved on to Ueda’s collarbone. Ueda moaned. He loved when somebody caressed his collarbone it made him think of his first night with - “Nakamaru!” Ueda said and flinched back.

What did he do? What was he thinking? Ueda could see the pain in Kazuya’s face and he felt guilty for every pain he had caused. “I’m sorry.” Ueda said and tears ran over his face. Then he turned around and left the party. Ueda ran until he had no breath any more and sat down on some stairs crying about his miserable life. He was such an asshole.

He deserved neither Nakamaru nor Kame. His whole life was a mess.
Then his phone rang. It was Taguchi. “Ueda where are you?” Ueda couldn’t answer. “Just tell me the street, please!” Taguchi begged. Ueda named it and Taguchi said he was going to come and get him. One hour later the two arrived at the hotel. “Where is Kame?” Ueda asked carefully. “He’s already asleep. Don’t worry.” “Do you know what-.“ “Yes I know. It’s not very obvious but Kame and I are quite close friends.” Taguchi said. “He told me everything.”

“Please tell him I am sorry okay.” “He knows that and he is going to accept your apology. You know he is in love with you since he saw you in the theme park together with Nakamaru. You were so nice and lovely to your boyfriend and he fell for you although he thought he would never have the chance to change your relationship with Nakamaru.” “That doesn’t make things easier.” “I know.” Taguchi sighed. “If there is anything I can do for you just tell me, kay?” “Thank you but I just want to sleep.” Taguchi nodded and was about to leave the room when Ueda said: “Really thank you. Kame is lucky to have such a friend as you, Junno.” Taguchi smiled and closed the door behind him.

The next day was really cruel. They had to do some interviews and Ueda and Kame didn’t speak to each other. They ignored the other one which was quite complicated for the poor Taguchi. It hurted Ueda not to see Kazuya smile, not to hear him laugh any more. And the worst thing was that he had the choice to change that.

He knew Kame didn’t talk to him because he thought that Ueda chose Nakamaru and not him. He thought Ueda was still in love with Nakamaru.
But that was not true any more. Ueda was quite sure about that. Before this journey he wasn’t in love with Nakamaru and now...now he wouldn’t even be able to talk to him. Their relationship was over. Ueda betrayed Nakamaru’s love. The only one he could save from pain was Kamenashi. But if they would start a relationship it would hurt Nakamaru even more.

At this moment Kame turned his head around and looked into Ueda’s eyes. The sparks in his brown eyes were gone and Ueda could see the pain in is face for a moment. Suddenly Ueda had the strong wish to make these wonderful eyes shine again and walked to Kamenashi. “Kazuya, can I talk to you for a moment?” he asked. Taguchi and Kame turned around. They were both very surprised. Kame just nodded and his eyes widened when Ueda took his hand and walked with him out of the room.

They stopped in a corridor in front of a window. The sun was about to set and Ueda’s heart hurted. His first date with Nakamaru ended in front of a wonderful sunset.
“Listen Kazuya, I -.” Ueda started but Kame interrupted him. “No you listen. I have to confess something. Yesterday I... I wasn’t drunk. I am really sorry but I had to kiss you before you return to Nakamaru again.”

He closed his eyes. “I am not going to return to Nakamaru.” “What?!” Kame opened his eyes again. “After all this I will not be able to touch, to kiss him. Life is sometimes really weird, isn’t it?” Ueda paused. “Listen Kazuya, I like you and I can’t deny it but I caused so much pain. Do you hate me?” he asked. He looked into Kame’s eyes and he saw that the shine returned into these lovely brown eyes. “I adore you.” Kame simply said and then he took Ueda’s head and kissed him slowly and carefully. And the first time in his life Tatsuya Ueda really knew he was in love.


Thanks for reading :)
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pikame_love: uedapikame_love on September 18th, 2011 06:06 pm (UTC)
so süüß!!!! ich glaub ich lese ab heute öfter KameDa...
und du hast tatsächlich Ryo mit eingebracht! XD

poor maru...but somehow i can understand ueda...

i'm waiting for the next chapter <3 *hugs*
gizmoygizmoy on September 18th, 2011 06:11 pm (UTC)
Danke Schnuggi
Ich hab da heute den Ganzen tag dran gesessen. Jaja Ryo und sein großer Auftritt.
So jetzt kommts:
Bähm, das wollte ich schon immer mal machen. Lebenstraum erfüllt!
snow_meowsnow_meow on September 19th, 2011 02:31 pm (UTC)
oh no!!

Poor Maru.
gizmoygizmoy on September 22nd, 2011 03:55 pm (UTC)
Yes, I'm sorry for him too. But there has to be always a bit of drama, right?
romapiromapi on March 29th, 2012 02:36 pm (UTC)
eh I didn't leave a comment here but i already read this one.

maybe I commented on the second part. love kameda right?!!!!
gizmoygizmoy on March 31st, 2012 07:35 pm (UTC)
yes, love kameda, haha~